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Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel

As a new type of decorative material, aluminum composite panel is quickly developed with its economical, optional color diversity, convenient installation ways, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and superior quality accepted by people. The unique properties of the aluminum plastic composite panel determine its wide range of uses: it can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dust prevention. engineering. It belongs to a new type of building decoration material.

Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel
Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel 03
Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel 04

Composite panels suppliers -  Xinghe with 15 years of professional aluminum composite panel manufacturing wholesale brushed aluminum sheets,plastic composite sheets,fire proof aluminum composite panel aluminium sheet cut to size can be made into 3mm aluminium sheet to meet various need custom!


Brushed aluminum composite panel’s structure is composed of two aluminum composite sheets couple unto polyethylene material core. The two plastic composite sheets have houses of corrosion resistant and when bonded with the polyethylene core produces the product that is to be finalized via brushing which we will take about later in the article. Nevertheless brushed aluminum composite panels are first-rate merchandise when it comes to the achievement of person customers. Here are some of the salient aspects of brushed acp panel :



As a ways as the physical and chemical residences of brushed acm panel are worried it has a variety of aspects that permits it to be amongst the high-quality of flat panels. The thickness of the panel itself ranges from 2mm-6mm which makes it pretty flexible when it comes to private usage. Moving on the width and length observe a similar course offering the consumer masses of options, the well-known width is 1000mm which can be accelerated up to a maximum of 2000mm. Length goes up to 6000mm, a specially interesting gain of brushed acp sheet is the fact that it has extra selections when it comes to the dimension of what you as a buyer want.

Brushed coatings:

The intrinsic function of brushed acp panel is the reality that it uses two types of brushed completed which makes the floor of the aluminum sheets flatter and smoother. The two brushed finishes are typically regarded as gold and silver brushed coatings. The feature of the brushed coating is pretty necessary as it offers fantastic characteristics.


Customization is without a doubt the single most beneficial characteristic when it comes to brushed aluminum composite board as one has whole freedom to customise the panels according to non-public usage. Whether it comes to colors, sizes and facets brushed panels are comfortably available.

Features and Applications:

Brushed aluminum composite panels are well regarded for their facets such as splendid fireproof properties, sound insulation, strength & durability, surface flatness and smoothness. Along with these elements the most essential one that the panel covers is that of being weather resistant as consequences indicate that brushed alucobond can stand up to the harshest of weather for decades.


Brushed covered aluminum panels have been in excessive demand over the closing few years, this is due to the fact of the fact that brushed coated panels existing pretty numerous options with regular features. The most frequent purposes of brushed covered panels would be the usage in wall boards & ceilings for tunnels, billboards & signs, used in manufacturing of bodies of vehicles & ships, indoors and exterior wall claddings. One of the biggest advantages of brushed panels is the truth that they come out in a variety of shades for this sole purpose the utilization of brushed panels in kitchens and rooms is additionally common.


Guangzhou Xinghe Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd., as one of the aluminum composite material suppliers in China, with almost two decades’ experience in this area, today would like to share some tips about how to clean and maintain aluminum composite material.


First of all, as a professional one amongst China’s aluminum composite material suppliers, let’s get to know some basic information. As you may know, aluminum composite panel is the composite decoration panel which adopts high purity aluminum sheet and PE polyethylene resin, under the low temperature and high pressure one-off process and with the special process spray plastic, which will maintain bright colors for a long time, and the application does not fade away. If the central interlayer of it is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the chlorine gas that is harmless to human body will be produced when it is extinguished and heated, while the central interlayer of fire-proof aluminium composite panel is FR (fire-proof plastic). The specification of it is 2440mm × 1220mm, which can be divided into one side and two sides. The thickness of one-sided one is 3mm or 4mm, the price is 40 to 50 yuan / sheet, while the thickness of double-sided one is 5mm, 6mm or 8mm. The thickness of outdoor one is 4 × 6 mm, the thickness should be 4 mm, the height is 0.5mm aluminum plate, the central interlayer is PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the thickness of interlayer is 3 × 5 mm, and the price is 80 - 120 yuan / sheet.


Second of all, for your information, aluminum composite material, as a new decorative material, was introduced to China from Germany in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Because of its economy, diversity of optional colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire prevention and noble quality, it has been quickly favored by people. Xinghe Aluminum Composite Panel always believes in the motto: customer first. Aluminum composite material suppliers have their own ways to serve their customers. Here comes our way in how to maintain aluminum composite material: 1. Rinse the surface with a large amount of water first. 2. Use a water diluted cleaning agent, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Then rinse the surface of aluminum composite material with a large amount of clean water to wash away the dirt. 4. Check the surface of the material and focus on cleaning with aluminum composite material cleaning agent where it is not cleaned. 5. Clean the board with clean water until all the cleaning agents are washed off. What’s more, here comes the tips. Do not clean the hot plate when cleaning the aluminum composite material. If the temperature is more than 40, because the moisture volatilizes too quickly will be harmful to the plate baking paint, special attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate cleaning agents. A basic principle is to choose neutral cleaning agent, do not use strong alkaline cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent, corrosive cleaning agent and paint solubility cleaning agent. In addition, before large area cleaning, it is best to choose a small plate to do the test, so as not to corrode.


Brushed acp panel, also known as wire drawing aluminum plate, is a kind of manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum plate out of line with sandpaper. Its technological process is mainly divided into three parts: de-ester, sand mill and water washing. In the drawing process of aluminum plate, the special coating technology after anodizing can make the surface of aluminum plate form a kind of skin film containing the metal composition, and clearly show each fine silk mark, thus making the fine hair luster in the matte light of the metal. More and more acp panel suppliers use metal wire drawing technology to play a beautiful, corrosion-resistant role while making the products have both fashion and technological elements. This is also one of the reasons why the process is so popular.


Guangzhou Xinghe Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd., as one of the acp panel suppliers in China, with almost two decades’ experience in this area, today would like to share more about the technological process and characteristics of brushed acp panel as following.


As many acp panel suppliers knows, in the process of receiving the pressure from the aluminum plate, the external force acts to force the aluminum plate to pass through the die, the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape and the size are obtained, and the technical processing method is called an aluminum plate wire drawing process. A tool for changing the shape size of the aluminum plate is called a wire drawing die. The colors of the brushed acp panel are JK001 bronze color, JK002 green, JK003 stainless steel color, JK004 blue, JK005 red, JK006 silver, JK007 gold, JK008 purple copper color, JK009 black, JK010 pink, JK011 brass color, JK012 bronze color, JK026 iron tree silver flower, JK036 light color and so on. The brushed acp panel is widely used in the fields of wire-drawing aluminum-plastic plate, fire-proof plate, aluminum photo frame, fine-quality cabinet, fine-quality door and window, patch panel, sign, lamp decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration, household appliance, case, gift, furniture, electronic consumer goods and so forth.


The brushed acp panel is mainly divided into straight line drawing, ripple drawing, wire drawing, thread drawing, etc., and the forming method of the above-mentioned brushed acp panel is briefly introduced below. Different acp panel suppliers have different technical process, but the pattern of wire drawing is mainly as follows:

1. Straight-line drawing aluminum plate: the linear grain is processed by mechanical friction method on the surface of the aluminum plate, and has the double effect of brushing the surface of the aluminum plate and decorating the surface of the aluminum plate.

2. The wire-drawing aluminum plate: it is a matte-grain aluminum plate with no rule and no obvious grain, which is obtained by the friction of the front and the back of the aluminum plate under the high-speed running copper wire brush.

3. Corrugated wire-drawing aluminum plate: it is generally made on a brush-polishing machine and a wiping machine, and the wave-shaped grain is obtained on the surface of the metal surface by the axial movement of the upper-group grinding roller.

4. The invention relates to a spiral wire drawing aluminum plate, which is characterized in that a wire drawing aluminum plate, is arranged on a drill bed by using a wool-shaped felt or a grinding nylon wheel, and is used for carrying out rotary polishing and grinding on the metal surface by using kerosene and a polishing ointment, and is more used for decorative processing of a circular label plate and a small-sized decorative dial plate. 


Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel

Fire proof aluminum composite panel is a new type of non-combustible and fireproof material for high-grade wall decoration, which is composed of non-combustible inorganic material as core material, outer composite alloy aluminum board and fluorocarbon resin coating as the protective film.

Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel
Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel 04
Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel 03

Acm Panel Suppliers - Xinghe support best aluminum composite panel price Wholesale fireproof cladding panels The fire rating reach high grade Fire resistant aluminium composite panels are pvdf coating,fire resistant,flame retardant,no harmful gas at high temperatures.


CROWNBOND FR is an progressive fire resistant aluminium composite panel (FR ACP/ACM) answer which composed of two rigid top-grade aluminum sheets and a licensed fireplace resistant mineral filled core to stop the proliferation of flames and restrict the improvement of smoke harmful to evacuation activities. Its fire rated overall performance meets the USA(ASTM), Europe(EN), Germany(DIN) and UK(BS) standard.


Fire-proof aluminum composite panel is processed underneath continues excessive temperature and pressure, and finished with Kynar 500 PVDF or FEVE resin paint. Inherit the benefit of aluminum composite panels characteristics, fireproof aluminum composite panel therefore is a answer perfect for exterior aluminum cladding projects which require challenging furnace resistance, excellence mechanical properties, and based floor enhancement.


Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

Marble aluminum composite panel structure is genuinely composed of three layers which collectively along with a covering of especially pressurized marble like paint mix to form a flat panel that represents art as nicely as the normal marble look.

Marble Aluminum Composite Panel
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel 03
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel 04

Buy marble aluminum composite panels from acp sheet manufacturer Xinghe.We wholesale marble aluminum composite panels Include aluminum plastic composite panel,acp cladding and wall composite panels PE, HDPE, PVDF, FEVE, Epoxy coating Firefroof, mould proof, self cleaning, anti Static, etc.


With the hanging and stately seem to be of stone, except the upkeep difficulties and expense, that’s what our Stone/ granite aluminum plastic composite panel are all about. It is produced by means of a special photo switch method and the most sophisticated fluoropolymer paint technology. So we convey the beauty of natural stone / granite to lightweight, durable, low-maintenance aluminum composite materials. The long lasting shielding coatings offer remarkable durability, color retention and resistance to weather, chemicals, chalking and marring – so the seem you get is a seem to be that lasts. For each indoors and exterior applications, the Stone / granite ACM panel presents the extraordinary natural look you’re searching for, along with the extremely good overall performance and value you assume from all aluminum composite panel substances (ACM panel).


Structure of Stone wall composite panels:

1) Front: high strength aluminum sheet coated with PVDF or polyester coating

2) Core: unhazardous polyethylene (LDPE)

3) Back: excessive strength aluminum sheet lined with back coating


Dimension of Stone wall composite panels:

1)Standard dimension: 4mm x 1220mm x 2440mm(4mm x 4ft x 8ft)

2) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

3) Available width: 1220mm

4) Available length: Maximum is up to 5800mm; 2440mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are most popular

5) Thickness of aluminum skin: 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm



Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Mirror aluminum composite plate refers to the aluminum plate that is processed by rolling, grinding and other methods to make the surface of the plate appear mirror effect. Generally, the mirror surface of the foreign aluminum composite plate is rolled out and made into rolls or plates.

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel 03
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel 04
Alucobond suppliers - Xinghe wholesale mirror aluminum composite board fabrication Include mirrored surface composite exterior aluminum panels,mirror finish aluminium sheet,mirror wall cladding aluminium composite panel thickness option is1,3mm or 4mm Non toxic polyethylene. Anodized Aluminum Composite Panel, also acknowledged as mirror finished aluminum cladding panel or reflect ACP for short. Anodized panel, using aluminum sheet fabric made in Germany, has greatest flatness and reflectance like a mirror, but more long lasting due to the inherited attribute of aluminum material.

Mirror ACP panel appears more lovely and widely used in interior decoration, kitchen, specifically in ceiling and family equipment and furniture, as it makes the room seem larger.

Dimension of Anodized mirror finish aluminium sheet: 1)
Standard dimension:
3mm x 1220mm x 2440mm(3mm x 4ft x 8ft) 2) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm 3) Available width: 1220mm 4) Available length: Maximum is up to 5800mm; 2440mm, 2500mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are most popular 5) Thickness of aluminum skin: 0.3mm, 0.4mm 6) Hot colors: silver replicate and golden reflect

Mirror aluminum composite panels by aluminum cladding panel suppliers are just a general term. They are divided into 800 standard mirrors, 850 high mirrors and 890 super mirrors according to the high, medium and low mirror surface. According to the surface post-processing method, it can be divided into 800 series oxidized mirror aluminum composite panel and R series unoxidized mirror aluminum composite board.

The mirror aluminum cladding panel structure of crownbond acp panel suppliers consists basically of 3 layers, and a layer of aggressive mirror end (PE or PVDF) to make a flat aluminum composite panel that embodies each the art and therefore the ancient romantic look. the 2 layers of aluminium are for good secured along and therefore the inner polythene core, once lined on the paint, makes the surface praise and extremely resistant. The necessary purpose is that solely the front of the aluminum cladding panel is coated with alphabetic character or PVDF (polyester) paint, which provides a mirror-like look, that is kind of elegant.

Aluminum Composite Board Features and Applications:
Mirror are in high demand within the past few years; this is often as a result of mirror-coated panels provide a range of choices with consistent characteristics. the foremost common applications for mirror aluminum composite sheet are going to be the employment of wall panels and ceilings, likewise as in kitchens and balconies, store facades, interior, and exterior wall coverings.

Crownbond aluminum composite material manufacturers which manufactured mirrored aluminum composite panel are illustrious for his or her glorious fireplace resistance, sound insulation, strength and sturdiness, surface smoothness and smoothness. additionally, to those options, the foremost vital factor is that the mirror acp panel covers weather resistance, because the results show that the mirror panel will stand up to the worst weather in decades.

Crownbond mirror alucobond suppliers and aluminum composite sheet suppliers is a good choice for you when you want to find competitive and top quality mirror aluminium composite panel.
Do you know anything about mirror aluminum composite sheet? Maybe most of us won’t know about it very well. Mirror aluminum composite sheet is widely used in lighting reflector and lamp decoration, solar heat collection reflective material, interior architecture decoration and so on. Then let’s learn more about the usage of mirror aluminum composite sheet.

The upper surface of the mirror aluminum composite sheet is made up of machined aluminum skin like a mirror, and the back surface is made up of anticorrosive aluminum skin. It has mirror effect, and its material is very light, not easy to break, with high strength. At the same time, it can bend and process easily. Because of these properties, it is more and more used in internal repair, especially in ceilings, kitchen cooking utensils, household appliances, furniture and so on. At present, mirror aluminum composite sheet is more widely used. It is widely used in lighting reflector and lamp decoration, solar heat collecting and reflecting material, household electrical appliance panel, electronic product shell, furniture kitchen, automobile interior and exterior decoration, sign, logo, luggage, jewelry box and so on, as you can name it.

Mirror aluminum composite sheet consists of an upper surface (a mirror aluminum skin of generally 0.3 mm/ 0.4 mm/ 0.5 mm thickness), an intermediate layer (generally a low density polyethylene core material of different thickness), a lower surface (generally 0.3 mm/ 0.4 mm/ 0.5 mm thick pre-roll coated anti-corrosion polyester oil-coated aluminum panel). Its supply standard specifications include: thickness (3/4/6 mm), width (1220 mm, special need to provide special width, maximum width up to 1500mm), length (to be customized according to user’s needs, up to 6100 mm).

The features of mirror aluminum composite sheet include light material, high strength, high hardness, good flatness, fashionable appearance, easy processing and fabrication and installation, easy maintenance and cleaning. Mirror aluminum composite sheet can be divided into pure aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate. Pure mirror aluminum composite sheet series commonly used code names are 1050, 1070 and 1085. Among all the aluminum composite sheet series, this series belongs to the series with the most aluminum content. The purity can reach more than 99.00%. Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively single and the price is relatively cheap, so it is the most commonly used series in conventional industry at present. Most of the circulation on the market is the 1050 and 1070 series. Alloy aluminum composite sheet includes 5005 aluminum plate and 5657 aluminum plate series. These series belong to the more commonly used alloy aluminum plate series, the main element is magnesium, the magnesium content is between 3% and 5%, which can also be called aluminum magnesium alloy. Its main characteristics are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. Under the same area, the weight of Al-mg alloy is lower than that of other series, so it is often used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tank, and is also widely used in conventional industry. Its processing technology is continuous casting and rolling, belonging to hot rolled aluminum composite sheet series, which can do oxidation deep processing. In our country, these series aluminum plates belong to one of the more mature aluminum plate series, and these series have good mirror effect.

A new decorative material, which is rich in modern flavor, rich in color, light and durable, is rapidly entering our life, which is a new generation of decoration and curtain wall material, namely the alucobond panel, which was excavated rapidly in the mid-1990s, and now draws many alucobond panel suppliers’ attention. However, due to the bullish market, there have been a lot of fake and inferior products in recent years, resulting in a lot of quality accidents, resulting in a lot of losses. As one of the alucobond suppliers in China, Guangzhou Xinghe Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd. would like to talk about some common quality problems with you as below.

First of all, thin aluminum plate is a quite common problem. To a large extent, the strength of aluminum-plastic composite plate should be borne by aluminum plate. If the aluminum plate is too thin, the product strength is very low, easy to deform, and even endanger personal safety. Domestic aluminum plate is sold by weight, so many alucobond panel suppliers are desperately trying to reduce the thickness of aluminum plate to increase the length of aluminum coil, in order to reduce costs.

Second of all, use the inner wall board as the exterior wall board. The aluminum of the outer wall board should be rust-proof aluminum, and the surface paint should be the best fluorocarbon paint with the best aging resistance, so as to ensure the long-term service life of the product in the sun and rain outdoor. However, some use the inner wall board as the exterior wall board, some use the non-fluorocarbon paint to impersonate the fluorocarbon paint, which seriously shorten the product life and cause unnecessary economic loss.

Third of all, the product is bubble-free. The surface of the product can be clearly observed with a bubble or aluminum plate peeling, or after the use of a section. The reasons are more, such as poor adhesion, contamination of raw materials, use of inferior raw materials, bubbles in the production process, etc., which can affect the appearance and use safety of the products.

Fourth of all, the selection of core materials. Aluminum-plastic composite core materials are currently using polyethylene rather than polyvinyl chloride. PVC has not been used in China because it produces strong and fatal toxic gas when burning. Some alucobond suppliers use complex recycled materials, without strict sorting and treatment, which cause more impurities and product quality instability.

Finally, the selection of the adhesive material is a problem. Since the polyethylene is difficult to adhere directly to the aluminum plate, a layer of adhesive layer is to be used. At present, a special plastic film is commonly used, and the film has two sides, one side can be bonded with the metal aluminum and the other surface can be bonded with the polyethylene. And the material of the bonding surface with the aluminum plate needs to be imported and is expensive. Therefore, if the ginseng is used to make the false, the product is compounded. In addition, a few alucobond panel suppliers use inferior glues to bond, so as to facilitate the application of glue, some organic diluents are often added to the glue. The thinner is sealed between the aluminum plate and the core material, and it is difficult to volatilize thoroughly. So on the one hand, the adhesive property is influenced, and on the other hand, certain pollution is caused to the indoor air.

Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

Wooden aluminum composite board signify nature which develops an interest in human beings in this particular product as all the vital features are covered along with the special appear and feel of wood.

Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel
Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel 03
Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel 04

Buy composite wood cladding,aluminium composite panel wood finish from aluminum composite panel suppliers CrownBond.China leading aluminum cladding supplier wholesale wood grain aluminium,acp wooden finish,including composite wood panels exterior,composite wood siding panels wooden aluminium composite panel is fireproof,certificates.


The herbal appear of wooden / timber, barring  the renovation difficulties and expense, that’s what our Wood / Timber ACM Panel are all about. We create the wealthy seem of mahogany, walnut or maple the use of a special photograph switch process and the most state-of-the-art fluoropolymer paint technology. So we bring the beauty of natural trees to lightweight, durable, low-maintenance aluminium composite panel cladding.


For each indoors and exterior applications, the Wood / Timber Acp Sheet offers the super herbal appearance you’re looking for, alongside with the incredible overall performance and fee you count on from all aluminum composite panel materials (ACM panel).


Structure of Wood / Timber ACM Panel:

1) Front: excessive electricity aluminum sheet coated with PVDF or polyester coating

2) Core: unhazardous polyethylene (LDPE)

3) Back: excessive power aluminum sheet lined with back coating


Dimension of Wood / Timber ACM Panel:

1)Standard dimension: 4mm x 1220mm x 2440mm(4mm x 4ft x 8ft)

2) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

3) Available width: 1220mm

4) Available length: Maximum is up to 5800mm; 2440mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are most popular

5) Available thickness of aluminum skin: 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm


Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Panel

There are two kinds of composite technology between aluminum and plastic of the aluminum cladding panel. One is online composite, that is, polyethylene core board is produced online, and then directly combined with the aluminum board through bonding materials to form products. One is offline composite, that is, polyethylene is produced offline. It is firstly rolled and cooled and then heated to form products through composite materials and aluminum plates. The two production processes have different requirements for polyethylene.

Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Panel
Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Panel 02

Buy cheap composite panels from acp panel manufacturer Xinghe with over 15 years of manufacturing aluminum plastic composite panel and wholesale aluminium composite panel for sale including polyester aluminium composite panel.The polyurethane and aluminium composite cladding is obtained by polymerization of ethylene.


Aluminium composite panels (ACP panel ), product of metal stuff (ACM panel), ar flat alucobond panel consisting of 2 skinny coil-coated metal sheets secure to a non-aluminium core. ACPs ar oft used for external protective cover or facades of buildings, insulation, and aggregation.

Polyethylene (PE) could be a thermoplastic obtained by polymerizing olefin between Al composite cladding boards. Industrially, copolymers of olefin Associate in Nursingd atiny low quantity of an α-olefin are enclosed. polythene is scentless, non-toxic, sounds like wax, has glorious vasoconstrictor resistance (minimum use temperature will reach -100~-70 °C), sensible chemical stability, and might resist most acid and alkali corrosion (not proof against oxidation) Nature of acid). it's insoluble in common solvents at temperature, has tide absorption and glorious electrical insulation.


Polyethylene aluminium composite panel (POLYETHYLENE, PE) could be a compound product of olefin. the merchandise has been developed for regarding sixty years, and therefore the world polythene production ranks initial among the highest 5 ordinarily used resins.

Polyethylene acp panel is assessed into high density polythene, density polythene and linear density polythene reckoning on the polymerisation technique, relative molecular mass and chain structure.

Low-density polythene acp sheet (LOW DENSITY polythene, LDPE) is often called aggressive polythene. because of its density and softest aluminum composite material, it's in the main employed in plastic luggage and agricultural films.

High-density polythene (HIGH DENSITY polythene, HDPE) is often called nonaggressive polythene. Compared with LDPE and LLDPE, it's warm temperature resistance, oil resistance, vapor permeableness and environmental stress crack resistance. additionally, electrical insulation and resistance glorious impact and cold resistance, in the main employed in blow molding, injection molding and different fields.

Linear density polythene aluminium composite cladding (LINEAR density polythene, LLDPE), is olefin and atiny low quantity of advanced

Wholesale aluminium composite panel, as we should have a certain understanding, in the interior decoration, many families will choose it to decorate the interior. However, there are still many people do not understand it, today let’s get to know what wholesale aluminium composite panel is and what’s the application and characteristics of it.

Wholesale aluminium composite panel is mainly used to lay large furniture, living room TV background wall, column or outdoor structure. After the construction is finished, the plate should be completely flat, the edges and corners are sharp and neat, and there is no bending deformation. During construction, the base surface of the starting plate should be boring and flat, and the multi-layer plate and the blockboard can be used as the bottom layer to avoid cracking and deformation. When pasting it, we should pay attention to the fact that the glue must be evenly coated. When the diluent of strong glue evaporates, it can be pasted by touching the hand without sticking the hand, and the compaction can be done with a wooden hammer. At the same time, it should not be used in a whole or large area, otherwise, it is easy to cause the empty drum to open glue.


Wholesale aluminium composite panel adopts the new process, and the most key technical index (peeling strength) of it is improved to an excellent state, and the smoothness and weather resistance of it is improved accordingly. The weight per square meter is only about 3.5 kg / square meter, which can reduce the damage caused by earthquake disaster and is easy to carry. Its superior construction can only be done by simple woodworking tools to complete cutting, planing, bending into the arc, right angle of all kinds of shaping, but also with designers, to make a variety of changes. Its installation is simple and fast, so the construction cost is reduced. In the middle of it is the flame retardant material PE plastic core material, and the aluminum layer is extremely difficult to burn on both sides. Therefore, it is a kind of safety and fire prevention material, which meets the fire resistance needs of building codes. Its impact resistance is strong, toughness is high, so bending does not damage the surface paint. What’s more, there will be no damage caused by wind and sand in areas with large wind and sand. Because of the use of KYNAR-500 based PVDF fluorocarbon paint, it has unique advantages in weather resistance. Whether in the hot sun or in the cold snow, it keeps good for 20 years. After transformation treatment and the application of Henkel leather film technology, the adhesion between paint and the aluminum-plastic plate is uniform and consistent, the color is diverse so that you can choose more freely and show your individualization. Wholesale aluminium composite panel has been obviously improved in pollution resistance. Urban pollution in China is more serious, which needs to be maintained and cleaned after a few years of use. Because of its good self-cleanliness, it only needs a neutral cleaning agent and clean water, and the plate will be as new as ever after cleaning.


Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

Crownbond is the best one of quality supplier of aluminum composite panels. Our fireproof aluminum composite panels and metal composite panels are popular available use. Our metallic aluminum metal cladding shape is in truth composed of three layers which together along with a coating of PE combine to shape an exceedingly insulated flat panel.

Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel
Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel 04
Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel 03

Wholesale aluminum metal panels,metal composite panel cladding by aluminum cladding panel suppliers Xinghe with 15 years of supplying aluminum metal cladding Including exterior metal wall panels,architectural metal panels PE coating Metal facade cladding aluminium extruded panels thickness can be optional.


Metallic aluminum metal cladding  structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a coating of PE mix to structure a exceedingly insulated flat panel. The two layers of aluminum sheets are bonded together permanently with an internal core of polyethylene which when covered thru PE makes the surface even more flat and particularly resistant. An important factor is that solely the front of the aluminum cladding is coated with PE (Polyester) Paint so that most harm can be absorbed besides negative the indoors core and sheet. The following are some of the function of PE aluminum metal panels:

Specifications of aluminum metal panels:
The thickness follows a well known guideline of measurements of 3, 4, 5 and 6mm which in accordance to sure brands and preferences. As a ways as the width is involved it stages from 1000mm to 1750mm which makes the panel quite flexible and fulfills the necessities of personal usage. Furthermore, the size of the panel is additionally flexible as it ranges from 2440mm-5800mm which skill that the panel can be used in a range of forms.

Coating of acp panel:
Polyester when mixed with alkyd resins and ultra violent absorbent makes the ideal surface that you can seem for in a composite panel. PE covered panels are a super product which can be used in a range of conditions and their software itself is quite wide.

Features and Applications of aluminum cladding panel:
PE coated panels have special elements which makes them the first choice when it comes to having a panel that is weather resistant. Qualities such as durability, strength, furnace resistant, sound insulation, heat insulation and alkali resistant make it a standout product. One important component that desires to be remembered is that the installation method of PE covered panels is speedy and environment friendly which makes the complete system easier.

There is a motive why PE coated aluminum panels have been in high demand over the final few years, this is due to the fact of the truth that PE covered alucobond panel existing quite versatile selections with steady features. The most frequent functions of PE covered panels would be the utilization in indoors decorations, billboards & signs, utilization in partitions of rooms, low constructing aluminum cladding panel and ceilings. One of the largest advantages of PE acm panel is the truth that they come out in a variety of colorings for this sole purpose the usage of PE panels in kitchens and rooms is additionally common.

We see that PE composite panels essentially observe the equal cause as in contrast to different flat panels however what wants to be remembered is that the coating of polyester gives it versatility in utilization and applicability.


Pearl Aluminum Composite Panel

Xinghe, an acm manufacturers and acm factory, owns a team of professional technical personnel and advanced high - tech equipments for aluminum composite plate.

Pearl Aluminum Composite Panel

Xinghe, an acm manufacturers and  acm factory, owns a team of professional technical personnel and advanced high - tech equipments for aluminum composite plate.

FEVE resins (fluoropolymer based) coating composite aluminum panel has a higher gloss and large colour vary compared that of ordinary PVDF coating aluminum composite plate . It is the broader vary of gloss that approves for FEVE coatings to produce a brighter shade palette and retention than its PVDF opposition. It is best for constructing decoration and protection, and signal making industry as well.


FEVE Aluminum Composite Plate Dimensions:

The complete panel thickness: 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm

The aluminum layer thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm

Standard aluminum composite board size:

8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm)

8.2ft x 4.1ft (2500 x 1250mm)

10ft x 5ft (3050mm x 1500mm)

13.3ft x 5ft (4050mm x 1500mm)

Other dimensions can be customizable.


Learn greater about FEVE coating and FEVE Composite Aluminum Panel

Due to its capacity to be cured at ambient temperatures, FEVE based totally coatings allow fabricators the flexibility of a save or discipline application. Fluoropolymer coatings also have low permeability to oxygen, water and chloride, supplying excessive degradation resistance when uncovered to environmental prerequisites and airborne pollutants. FEVE resins are without problems repairable and are frequently used to restoration PVDF tasks that have deteriorated over time.


Used on heaps of heaps of architectural projects, FEVE composite aluminum panel provide architects a low upkeep alternative to regular coatings. In particular, FEVE acp panel are used on building exteriors due to their nicely climate resistance.


Solid Color Aluminum Composite Panel

Xinghe is leading acp panel suppliers and aluminum composite panel factory in China. Aluminum composite panel cut to the shapes and sizes you need with precise CNC systems.

Solid Color Aluminum Composite Panel
Solid Color Aluminum Composite Panel 02
Solid Color Aluminum Composite Panel 03
Solid Color Aluminum Composite Panel 04

Xinghe is leading acp panel suppliers and aluminum composite panel factory in China. Aluminum composite panel cut to the shapes and sizes you need with precise CNC systems.


The PVDF ACP / PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel, additionally recognised as alucobond panel in the industry, contains a polyethylene core between two aluminum sheet. The LDPE core's thickness and alloy's width can be designed according to patron requirement. The the front floor is coated with PVDF paints, the shielding movie on the pinnacle floor can be peeled off. The lower back sheet is accomplished by means of anti-corrosive back coating.


PVDF ACP panel structures:

1) Front: high strength aluminum sheet covered with PVDF Coating (Polyvinylidene fluoride)

2) Core: unhazardous polyethylene (LDPE)

3) Back: high electricity aluminum sheet covered with lower back coating


PVDF aluminum composite board dimensions:

1) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

2) Available width: 1000-2000mm; 1220mm, 1250mm and 1500mm are favored

3) Length: Maximum is up to 5800mm; 2440mm, 2500mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are most popular

4) Thickness of aluminum sheet: 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm

5) Customized panel dimension available


PVDF acm panel applications:

  1. A) Widely used for architectural composite wall panelslike galleries, exhibition, saloons, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments.
  2. B) Decorative materials for buildings.
  3. C) Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway, interiors.
  4. D) Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations
  5. E) Telephone booths, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage etc


PVDF Aluminum Composite Cladding Panel features:

  1. A) Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 finishes PVDF resin feature robust chemical resistance ,unique colorings can be without difficulty maintained.
  2. B) Light weight, flat floor and excessive strength
  3. C) Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, fire-resistance, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, climate fastness and non-resonance.


  1. D) Elegant and magnificent, in shape for a variety of designs
  2. E) Various uniform hues for choice
  3. F) Easy to cut, route, and bend
  4. G) 15 year warranty

1) There are many types of aluminum plastic composite panels, and it is a new type of material. Therefore, there is no unified classification method, and it is usually classified according to the purpose, product function and surface decoration effect.

Classified by Purpose

a. Aluminum Composite Panel for Building Curtain Wall
The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates is not less than 0.50 mm, and the total thickness is not less than 4 mm. The material of aluminum should meet the requirements of GB/T 3880. Generally, aluminum alloy sheets of 3000, 5000 series should be used. The coating should be coated with fluorocarbon resin.

b. Exterior Wall Decoration and Advertising Aluminum Composite Panel
The upper and lower aluminum plates are made of rust-proof aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20 mm, and the total thickness is not less than 4 mm. The coating is typically a fluorocarbon coating or a polyester coating.

c. Indoor Aluminum Composite Panel
The upper and lower aluminum plates generally adopt an aluminum plate having a thickness of 0.20 mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10 mm, and the total thickness is generally 3 mm. The coating is polyester coated or acrylic coated.

Classified by Product Function

a. Fire Rating Aluminum Composite Panel
The flame retardant core material is selected, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the flame retardant grade (B1 grade) or the non-combustible grade (A grade); at the same time, other performance indexes must also meet the technical specifications of the aluminum composite panel.

b. Antibacterial Mildew Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel
The antibacterial and bactericidal coating is applied to the aluminum composite panel to control the microbial activity and ultimately kill the bacteria.

c. Antistatic Aluminum Composite Panel
The antistatic aluminum-plastic panel is coated with an anti-static coating to form an aluminum-plastic panel, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is smaller than the surface resistivity of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel, so that static electricity is not easily generated, and dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface.

Classified by Surface Decoration Effect

a. Coated Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel
A variety of decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminum sheet. Commonly used are fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coatings, mainly including metallic, plain, pearlescent, fluorescent and other colors, with decorative effects, is the most common variety in the market.

b. Anodized Aluminum Composite Panel
The anodized and timely treatment of the aluminum alloy panel has a unique color such as rose red and bronze, which has a special decorative effect.

c. Film Decorative Composite Board
That is, the colored film film is applied to the primed aluminum plate or directly to the degreased aluminum plate according to the set process conditions and the action of the adhesive. The main varieties are slats, wood boards and so on.

d. Color Printed Aluminum Composite Panel
Different patterns are printed on the transfer paper by advanced computer photo-printing technology, and various imitation natural patterns are printed on the aluminum-plastic board through thermal transfer technology. Can meet the designer's creativity and the owner's personalized choice.

e. Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel
The aluminum alloy panel with brushed surface is common with gold brushed and silver brushed products, which brings different visual enjoyment.

f. Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel
The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished to look like a mirror.

Hanging Aluminum Composite Panel Construction Process

1. The laying work is carried out according to the actual center line and elevation point of the civil works; the design of the facing is based on the axis of the building. The aluminum composite panel consists of horizontal and vertical parts. Firstly, the position line of the vertical rod is played, and then The anchor point of the vertical member is determined.
2. Install the fixed connecting piece on the basis of the pay-off line, fix the connecting piece with electric welding, and prevent the rust paint from being welded twice. The connecting member is welded and fixed to the embedded part on the main structure. When the embedded iron piece is not embedded in the main structure, the expansion bolt can be fixed on the main structure to be fixed with the connecting iron.
3, the installation of the skeleton by the welding method to install the skeleton, installation at any time to check the elevation, centerline position, and at the same time the cross-section welding joints for anti-rust paint treatment, fixed joints for concealed inspection records including joint length, thickness, location buried Set the height, number, and depth of insertion.
4. Install the aluminum-plastic plate on the inner frame of the profile, first tap the screw hole position, and fix the aluminum-plastic plate finish on the steel frame block by rivet; the gap between the plate and the plate is 10~15mm and then inject the silicone. Weather-resistant sealant; it is forbidden to unpack the aluminum sheet before installation, until the front of the completion of the tearing open the protective film; according to the directions indicated by the arrow of the aluminum-plastic panel.

Discoloration and Discoloration of Plastic Panels

The aluminum-plastic panel produces discoloration and discoloration, mainly due to improper selection of the panel. The aluminum-plastic composite panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines the different occasions for which they are applicable. The surface of the board used in the room is usually coated with a resin coating. This coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If it is used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate its aging process and cause discoloration and discoloration. The surface coating of the outdoor aluminum-plastic panel is generally coated with a fluorocarbon resin which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive. Some construction units deceive the owners and use the plates used for indoor use as anti-aging and anti-corrosion high-quality fluorocarbon plates to extract unreasonable profits, thus causing serious discoloration and discoloration of the aluminum plates used in the project.

Plastic Sheet Opening and Peeling

The opening and peeling of the aluminum-plastic panel is mainly due to improper selection of the binder. As an ideal binder for outdoor aluminum-plastic panel engineering, silicone rubber has unique advantages. In the past, China's silicone rubber relied mainly on imports, and its value has made many people discouraged. Only those high-rise buildings with expensive curtain wall projects dare to pay attention. Now, China's Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places have successively put into production different brands of silicone rubber, causing prices to fall. Now, when buying aluminum-plastic panels, the seller will recommend the special quick-drying glue. This kind of glue can be used indoors, and it can be used in the outdoor environment where climate change is impermanent.

Deformation and Drumming of the Surface of Aluminum-plastic Panel

It is not difficult to find out which city is in a circle, it is not difficult to find some aluminum-plastic panel surface deformation, the drums of those big landscape projects. This phenomenon occurs in small facade renovation projects, as well as on large high-rise buildings. In the past, during the construction, this quality problem occurred. We thought it was the quality reason of the board itself. Later, after a concentrated analysis, we found that the main problem was on the base board with the aluminum-plastic board attached, followed by the aluminum-plastic. The quality of the board itself. Dealers often provide us with the construction process of aluminum-plastic panels. The recommended base materials are mainly high-density boards, wood boards and the like. In fact, when such materials are used outdoors, their service life is very fragile. After being blown by the wind, sun, and rain, deformation is inevitable. Since the base material is deformed, what is the deformation of the aluminum-plastic panel as the surface layer? It can be seen that the ideal outdoor base material should be rust-proofed, and the angle steel and square steel tube are formed into a skeleton. If conditions permit, it is more desirable to use aluminum profiles as the skeleton. The skeleton made of this kind of metal material is not much higher than the wooden keel and high-density board, which can ensure the quality of the project.

Aluminum-plastic Panel Glued Neatly

When the aluminum-plastic panel is used to decorate the surface of the building, there is generally a gap between the plates. For the sake of aesthetics, it is common to fill the gap with a black sealant. In order to save time, some construction workers do not need paper tape to ensure the neatness and rules of the glue, but use the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic board as a substitute. Since the protective film will have different degrees of tearing when the aluminum-plastic composite panel is being cut, it is impossible to use the adhesive tape as a substitute for the protective tape.
Common quality problems and solutions in the process of aluminum-plastic composite
There are two main problems in the quality problems of aluminum-plastic composite panels, one is the coating quality; the other is the composite quality. The problem of coating quality occurs in the pretreatment of aluminum sheets and in the processing of paint baking, and the quality problems of composites are mainly technical and management problems in the composite process. Some of these problems are affected by a single factor, and some are influenced by many factors. The quality problems in the composite process of aluminum-plastic composite board are mainly analyzed and discussed under the conditions of plate surface bubbling, plate surface trapping, ruffled edge and poor bonding.

Board Bubbling

The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is bubbled with a non-melting material. When the average diameter of these infusates is large to a certain extent, it will protrude on the surface of the core. Bubbling phenomenon. When we peeled off the aluminum plate, we found that there were signs of poor adhesion around the bubble. The reason for this sign was that the air around the bubble could not be completely squeezed when the bubble was recombined. In the middle of the ply, the extremely thin air layer blocks the full adhesion of the plies. These infusibles may be other impurities mixed in the plastic particles, or may be mixed with other plastic particles. The melting point of these plastics is much higher than that of polyethylene, which cannot be dissolved in the barrel and is blocked on the side of the stainless steel mesh sheet. When it is concentrated to a certain extent, the extrusion back pressure is increased, so that the filter is squeezed together to cause the core plate to bubble. If the particle size of the non-melt is too large, it may be stuck in the die, so that the surface of the extruded core plate forms a deep impression, which may also cause quality problems of the plate surface.
For the production of thin plastic sheet, it is necessary to use a certain number of stainless steel wire mesh for filtration. For the aluminum-plastic core board, it can be used to filter through a hole with a certain aperture smaller than the thickness of the plate. Solve the bubbling problem.

Plate Surface Trap

The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel has a collapse of the size of the thumbprint, which is caused by the stiffness of the polymer film. The rigidity of the polymer film is not equal. Generally, the size of the rice grain is white, which is a quality problem of the rubber layer. When these protruding granules are compounded, the air around them cannot be completely extruded like the above-mentioned bubbling phenomenon, and is wrapped in the plate, and when the heat is melted by the knot, it can adhere to the slab, but there is an air layer barrier. The place is doubled and directly affected, forming a trap. The quality of this material needs to be eliminated from the procurement of materials and production management.


The ruffled edge is the wave at the edge of the board. This is a common problem, mainly caused by the waves on the edge of the aluminum coil. The aluminum coil wave is a problem of rolling quality, and the severe wave deformation cannot be completely solved even after the drawing, bending and correction of the finishing process. In addition, in the baking varnish, the aluminum coil heats up too fast. If the temperature of the oven plate rises to a very high temperature immediately, the aluminum plate will expand rapidly, which forms a great contrast with the unheated aluminum plate in the boundary zone, which will definitely lead to the surface of the plate. The thermal deformation causes the ruffles.
It is difficult to absolutely flatten the surface of the aluminum coil processing, and it can be used without affecting the flatness of the aluminum composite panel within the technical requirements. In production practice, sometimes the aluminum coil does not appear to have significant ruffles, but the ruffles are produced during the compounding process. The occurrence of the ruffle on one side of the aluminum coil is severely deformed, and for very severe deformation, although the ruffle is not caused, a side relaxation phenomenon is formed. The tension control brake device of the unwinder on the composite production line is generally installed on one side thereof. Since the core of the aluminum coil is not very rigid, even the coils which are flat on both sides are spread out on the other side. The aluminum plate also has a slight slack. If the aluminum coil which is slightly slack on one side is just loosened and installed on the side without braking, it may cause the ruffles, and conversely, it will not cause the ruffles. To solve this accidental phenomenon, it is an effective method to install the brake device on both sides of the unwinder.
In short, the formation of the ruffles is mainly a problem of aluminum coils, and the severely deformed aluminum coils can only be disposed of, but for less severe deformations, it can be eliminated by increasing the tension. Some composite lines have two traction machines. In this case, pay special attention to the speed ratio relationship between the two traction machines, that is, adjust the tension of the plate surface, and the small will also cause the ruffle.

Poor Adhesion

Poor adhesion or even degumming is a very worrying issue in the production of aluminum composite panels. There are many factors causing this problem, both on the equipment and in the operation, the cold shrinkage deformation of the core sheet and the deformation of the aluminum coil, and the contamination of the aluminum surface by the smoke in the paint can cause poor adhesion. When the plastic contains low-molecular chemical additives such as an opening agent and a slip agent, the adhesion of the rubber layer is also slowly damaged, and degumming occurs. Therefore, for the phenomenon of poor adhesion, we need to analyze the specific problems and find out the crux.

Regardless of the existing problems in the application of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, due to its inherent characteristics, the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall will still be the main force of the aluminum panel curtain wall. However, if we do not correctly understand and correct the existing problems, it will bring immeasurable losses to the building curtain wall industry and the aluminum-plastic panel industry, and will also leave a large number of unsafe hidden dangers in the exterior walls of our buildings. To analyze the current problems, we should start to correct them from the following aspects.
The aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall is the joint work of the aluminum-plastic panel industry and the building curtain wall industry. It is also the management crystallization of the two industry authorities. Therefore, we should face up to the existing problems and pay attention to them. Propose an effective way to overcome and improve to eliminate potential building safety hazards.
As an aluminum-plastic panel product manufacturer, it should strictly produce according to the standard of aluminum-plastic panel exterior wall products, reject all unreasonable requirements, and block the formation of unqualified aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall products from the source of materials. In order to ensure the quality of the special products for the exterior wall of aluminum-plastic composite panels, it is very important to re-revise the national product standards of "aluminum-plastic composite panels". For the production process of aluminum-plastic composite products that are not suitable for aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, such as cold-pressing plate technology, it should be banned.
At present, the quality of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall products is not good, and another major reason for the poor image comes from the processing and installation control problems of curtain wall processing enterprises. Since China's current standards and norms have different system problems from foreign standards and norms, there is no strict and complete set of applicable process specifications and acceptance criteria for aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall processing in China. An important link affecting the quality of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall in China. As soon as possible, the relevant competent authorities shall formulate special specifications and acceptance standards suitable for the processing and installation process of composite aluminum panel curtain wall nationwide to regulate the behavior of the entire industry.
As the vitality of a product, its most important component is to have new developments, including the development of new materials, new processes, and new systems. From the material point of view, we can develop from how to further improve the stability, strength, heat resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant and other properties of aluminum composite panel materials. From the production of curtain wall products, we can develop more new products and systems to meet the needs of different building structures. For example, the open aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall system, because of its inner layer has a ventilation function, such as proper design, it can reduce the material used, and can improve the physical properties of all aspects, and can also greatly reduce the wall caused by the silicone structural adhesive. Smudged and enhanced three-dimensional sense of the wall.
Unlimited price reduction, resulting in unreasonable cost and damage to the quality and function of building curtain wall products, is absolutely unacceptable. The final result is that the image of the product is damaged, and the safety risks of the project are increased. The environment we live in. We should appeal to the vast number of investors and construction units, should be based on the final value and the laws of the market economy, and should never blindly focus on the price, but should focus on the real connotation of products, such as materials used in products, technology. And manufacturing processes, etc. The Chinese saying "a penny and a share" is the eternal truth.
Sustainable development of the aluminum composite panel industry
For the healthy and sustainable development of the aluminum-plastic panel industry, we must take a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as a guide, and do a good job in several aspects:

1. Be Sure to Work Hard to Improve Product Quality

Product quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of its development. It is necessary to change the tendency to focusonly on production without paying attention to quality, and work hard on product quality.

2. Aluminum-plastic Panel Production Should be Closely Integrated with Market Demand

The main purpose of aluminum-plastic composite panels is to be used as architectural curtain wall and interior and exterior wall decoration and decoration. Therefore, the development of aluminum-plastic composite panels should be based on the needs of the construction industry and the architectural decoration industry, and should be closely integrated with the construction industry's architectural decoration industry. The road to development and common prosperity.

3. Actively Play the Role of the Association

The association should establish a scientific development concept, enhance service functions, promote the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of the aluminum-plastic panel industry, give full play to the bridge, coordination, service and self-discipline functions of the association, and create a good environment for the development of the aluminum-plastic panel industry.

4. Actively Carry Out Technological Innovation Activities

Promoting the technological advancement of the aluminum-plastic panel industry is the foundation for the development of the aluminum-plastic panel industry. Only the technology continues to innovate and continuously improve, and the aluminum-plastic panel industry can last forever. As a new type of decoration material, aluminum-plastic composite board, as an organic-inorganic composite material, has many excellent properties, but it still needs to be continuously developed and improved, because the market and demand are not static, and the technology is constantly improving.

Future Development and Prospect of Aluminum-plastic Panel Curtain Wall

Although there are many problems and difficulties in the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, this is only an inevitable process in the development of things. As long as we can get to know him and solve it as soon as possible, combined with the advantages of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall and the development of new high-performance aluminum-plastic panel products and new systems of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, we believe that the future of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall should be broad. One of the products of the building curtain wall is irreplaceable and will continue to develop for a long time.
In addition, the export volume of aluminum-plastic composite panels has doubled in recent years. In order to avoid domestic project arrears and vicious competition in the same industry, some manufacturers have made great efforts to open up foreign markets. Currently, the regions with more exports are CIS, Turkey, In Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, I believe that in the near future, aluminum-plastic panels produced in China will be used in engineering projects around the world.

alex aluminium composite panel
Alex aluminium composite panel VS Crownbond aluminium composite panel
Alex Panels is a Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), consisting of two layers of aluminium skins sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continous lamination process. Alex Panels uses the world renowned ‘Kynar 500’ resins for its exterior grades ensuring long color life and no fungal attacks. Long life colour retention is by Kynar 500/PVdF resins in exterior grade panels. The surface coating contains 70% PVdF resins. Alex Panels places industry’s strictest tolerances during production, ensuring durable composite panels that stand the test of time.

Crownbond aluminium composite panel is a new type of ecological environment building material. Since the 1970s, the present invention has been widely used in advanced composite materials structure and performance, excellent price and easy processing, rich decorative effects and durability, significant resource conservation and environmentally friendly products such as comprehensive performance. In the building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, billboards, car decoration, furniture manufacturing, and other fields.

Advantages of Crownbond aluminium composite panel
(1)Torsion Strength
High resistance to pressure and force exertion; High flexibility; No damages to paint layer when curved; Resistant to corrosion even by sand storm.
(2)Easy Processing & Installation
Easy to process due to its light weight; Superior constructability makes it easy to cut, plan edge, bend and form with simple tools.
(3)Thermal Resistance
Crownbond aluminum composite panel has insulating properties that prevent heat to penetrate structures, which translates into energy savings.
(4)Fire Resistance
PE plastic core plate is adopted as the flame retarding substance in between difficult-combustible aluminum layers; fireproof ability is higher than B1 grade standard.
(5)Weather Resistance
PVDF coating (KYNAR-500) material provides good weather ability. The surface will not be damaged under any climate; Color will last longer.
(6)Even Coat & Various Colors
Crownbond acp panel use advanced film technology, making the joining of paint and panel strong and uniform; Diversity of colors can satisfy your different requirements.
(7)High Impact Resistance
Innovative composite production of viscoelastic core fused with durable aluminum membranes provides high impact and breakage resistance; Crownbond aluminium composite panel is strong and rigid.
(8)Peel Strength
Advanced technology is applied in Crownbond ACP’s which enhances the key factor, peel strength, to an excellent condition; Planeness of panel has been largely improved.
(9)Sound Resistance
The unique non-combustible poly-ethylene core of Crownbond ACP’s provides sound reducing properties better than other materials such as wood and steel.
(10)Easy to Maintain
Crownbond aluminum composite panel enjoys the advantage of self-cleaning; Neutral detergent and water are enough to keep it clean.

Besides, Crownbond has 15 years of manufacturing, marketing and service for brushed aluminum composite panel,fire-proof aluminum composite panel and so on.Our products can be guaranteed by strict quality control.We can introduce you good partner-experienced shipping company with competitive price and delivery products on time.What’s more,we will offer free translation for our customers during Canton Fair time.
aluminium composite panel manufacturers in india
Aluminium Composite panels/sheets are one of the most popular sustainable materials that are used worldwide for the building construction industry. In India, the aluminium composite panel industry has an annual volume of more than Rs. 1500 crores and a requirement of more than 400 million square feet. The industry is growing upswing at a steady rate of about 28% to 30% per year.

They are sandwich panels comprising of two aluminium sheets bonded to an organic mineral filled inner core material which could be of high density or low density. The lightweight, aesthetics, good acoustic properties, fire rated properties easy installation and very low wastage make it the material of today. ACP is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, pollution and has very good sound and heat insulation properties. ACP sheets help in energy conservation by the building as per the ECBC code.

That is why after entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's construction industry, especially the success of the bidding for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai world expo, the aluminum-plastic composite board, as the third generation curtain wall material after stone (ceramic brick) and glass, has developed rapidly. Aluminum composite panel has huge development in China market.
aluminum composite panel price
In foreign countries, aluminum panels have many names, aluminum composite panels called or aluminum composite materials; The world's first aluminum composite panel was named ALUCOBOND. As a kind of high and new technology composite material, aluminum composite panel has been developed in Europe for more than 30 years since the 1960s, and its various properties have been constantly improved and improved. The products are widely used in the transportation industry, construction industry and some special industries, such as advertising industry. Especially in the construction industry, because of its light weight per unit area, relatively high strength, easy to process and installation, so it is very common application. From the building interior to outdoor decoration, from the low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, can be seen the figure of aluminium composite panel.

China is no exception. As a new kind of ecological building material, aluminum - plastic composite board is widely used. Since the 1970 s, with its advanced composite material structures and properties, excellent cost-effective and easy processability, rich and colorful decorative effect and durability, significant resource conservation and environmental protection products such as comprehensive performance is widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising signboard, vehicle decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. In China, many manufacturers of aluminum - plastic composite board, product quality is after the quality inspection. However, with the advantage of quality, crownbond aluminum composite panel price is more favorable, comparable to other manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum plastic composite panel.
aluminium composite panel boards
Along with the technique of China's reform and opening up, China's metal composite enterprise from scratch, from small to large, has made remarkable development. From everyday aluminum plastic composite board, furnace aluminum plastic board, to the combustion overall performance of A2 degree non-combustible metal composite board (note: non-combustible metallic composite board, due to the fact its core fabric is the primary factor of inorganic components, has now not belong to the class of aluminum plastic board) the rapid development. China's leapfrog development has made it the world's biggest producer and exporter of aluminium composite panel boards for greater than 90% of the world's imports and exports of aluminum plastic composite panels.

Early aluminum plastic plate is not able to fireplace however with the development of aluminum plastic plate technology, now the manufacturing of fireplace aluminum plastic composite plate due to the addition of non-toxic flame retardant material in its PE, fire performance noticeably improved, has been in a position to totally meet the wants of furnace engineering.

In the instant effect of lightning, with the cutting-edge curtain wall connection, whether it is aluminum or aluminum veneer, can absolutely stop lightning; During the continuous current of the lightning strike, it is easy to soften in the steel plate or steel surface layer. And because of the good insulation of the middle polyethylene core layer, the injury of the lightning strike is confined to the skin, from this factor of view, the aluminum plastic composite plate has better lightning resistance.
albond aluminium composite panels
Albond aluminium composite panels manufactured in the shortest time the best quality aluminium composite panels in colours of RAL and Pantone colour charts and the colours you request apart from the standard ones in the catalogs with A2, B1, and B2 cores to be used on façades and indoors of your architectural projects, in advertising sector, corporate image works, private buildings, residential, hospital and airport projects and many other fields.

If we glance at aluminum composite panel history we have a tendency to see that it had been initially developed within the 1960s and used extensively by folks and industrialists because it had lots of advantages. atomic number 13 composite panels as a replacement variety of decoration material, since the late 1980 s and early 'ninety s introduced from the Federal Republic of Germany to China, with its economy, facultative color diversity, convenient construction methodology, wonderful process performance, wonderful fireplace retardancy, and noble quality, quickly get the favor of individuals.

The crownbond aluminium composite panel thickness is determined in keeping with your personal needs, or in keeping with your production preference for the whole. The aluminum composite board could be quite material that is formed by coating atomic number 13 board with chemical treatment because the surface material, polythene plastic or high mineral as core material and processed on special aluminum-plastic board production instrumentality. Atomic number 13 aluminum composite board itself incorporates a distinctive performance, determines its wide use: it is used for building external walls, curtain flat solid, previous building renovation, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, show platform, purification, and dirt engineering.
aluminum composite panel brands
As a kind of high and new technology composite material, aluminum composite panel has been developed in Europe for more than 30 years since the 1960s, and its various properties have been constantly improved and improved. The products are widely used in the transportation industry, construction industry and some special industries, such as advertising industry. Especially in the construction industry, because of its light weight per unit area, relatively high strength, easy to process and installation, so it is very common application. From the building interior to outdoor decoration, from the low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, can be seen the figure of aluminum plastic plate. At the same time, there is a set of very strict and certified operating specifications in the application process of aluminum plastic sheet in foreign countries to ensure that aluminum plastic sheet can be used correctly. In particular, when products are used in buildings, their product certification and use units must strictly comply with the relevant norms. Due to the strict certification system, over the past three decades, the application of composite aluminum plastic board abroad, especially in Europe, has been moving forward, new products and new systems have emerged.

Foreign aluminum composite board brand
(1)alex aluminium composite panel
Alex Aluminium Composite Panels, an ISO 9001&14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, is an arm of Punjab Plywood Industries, a distinguished pillar of Indian plywood sector that manufactures quality plywood with the brand name Black Cobra. The Group owns plywood manufacturing plants in Yamunanagar, Sangrur, and Gandhinagar.
(2)alpolic aluminium composite panel
ALPOLIC is proud to be a global leader in metal composite manufacturing. Their premium MCM products have inspired new aesthetics and enabled new design possibilities for decades. They commitment to quality, sustainability and customer care is unmatched. With more than forty years in the business, we know excellence.
(3)polymershapes aluminium composite panel
Polymershapes is one of the leading distributors of Aluminum composite materials for use in applications such as aviation, automotive, signage and build and construction.

Aluminum composite panel is a new kind of ecological building material. Since the 1970 s, with its advanced composite material structures and properties, excellent cost-effective and easy processability, rich and colorful decorative effect and durability, significant resource conservation and environmental protection products such as comprehensive performance is widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising signboard, vehicle decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. As an important product related to the national economy and people's livelihood, the aluminum plastic composite board is widely used in airports, large sports stadiums, theaters and other landmark buildings in cities. After entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's construction industry, especially the success of the bidding for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai world expo, as the third generation of curtain wall materials after stone (ceramic brick) and glass, the aluminum plastic composite board has developed rapidly.

Domestic aluminium composite panel brand
(1) alubond aluminium composite panel
Alubond aluminium composite panel is a new kind of green building composite materials using advanced technology, whose surface is covered with high-quality anticorrosive paint and refractory coating. After the process of fully melt plasticizing technology, the core becomes a special polymer modified material which uses fire retardant polyethylene resin added by several fire retardants as basis resin. The core is laminated and sandwiched between the aluminum sheets with polymer film.
(2) crownbond aluminium composite panel
Crownbond aluminium composite panel suppliers with 15 years of professional aluminum composite panel manufacturing wholesale brushed aluminium composite panel, fireproof aluminum composite panel, mirror aluminum composite panels, etc. Our aluminum composite panel can meet customers different need.
(3)kingaluc aluminium composite panel
Kinaluc holds a commitment to environmental protection and refuses to use inferior materials to save costs. Their aluminium composite panel is essentially a structure or a panel which is lightweight and compact in features so that it can have a combination of both strength and durability. Its basic usage is related to interior and exterior applications.
aluminium composite panel building
The unique performance of the aluminum plastic composite panel itself determines its wide use: it can be used for the external wall of the building, the curtain wallboard, the renovation of the old building, the interior wall and the ceiling decoration, the advertisement sign, the display platform, the purification, and the dustproof project. It belongs to a new type of aluminium composite panel building decoration material.

As a new kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly curtain wall decoration material, aluminum composite board has won the general recognition of domestic and foreign markets with its excellent performance. The former national standard "building curtain wall with composite aluminum panel (GB/T 17748) was approved and released in 2008. Since the official promulgation and implementation of this standard, it has played an active role in standardizing the product quality of China's building curtain composite wall panels, promoting its technical progress and application promotion, and promoting the healthy development of the whole industry. Up to now, this standard also is the world's only open curtain wall aluminum-plastic board product standard. During this period, China's aluminum-plastic board industry has made remarkable achievements and developed into the world's largest aluminum-plastic board production capacity of more than 400 million square meters, exported to more than 120 countries and regions, accounting for more than 90% of the world's imports and exports of aluminum composite panel. It has realized a perfect industrial chain integrating production equipment, processing and application equipment, raw material matching, product production, technology research and development, trade and application, etc. It can be said that the development of China's aluminum-plastic board directly affects the development of the world's aluminum-plastic board, China's standards of aluminium composite panel cladding also guide the world's development of the technical requirements of aluminium composite panel.

With the development and improvement of production and application technology, the performance and function of aluminum composite board products are constantly optimized. Especially at present, the world's fire safety requirements are becoming more and more strict, fire safety standards for buildings are constantly improving. In China, the frequent building fire accidents in recent years have caused unprecedented concern about building fire safety. In order to ensure the healthy development of the aluminum-plastic composite board industry, meet the requirements of the combustion performance of external wall decoration materials required for building design and fire prevention, and support Chinese enterprises to find more active development space in the future building curtain wall decoration market, the state has initiated the revision of "aluminum composite panel for building curtain composite wall panels".
aluminium composite panel cladding specifications
Aluminum composite plate(also called aluminum plastic composite panel ) is easy to understand, can use the "sandwich" to describe it, on both sides of the thin aluminum foil intermediate sandwich polyethylene plastic, good through the preset size, a cutting composite plate extrusion molding machine equipment, usually in the polyethylene plastic will join fire materials, so the aluminum-plastic plate also has certain fire prevention function, commonly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, indoor partition, logo plate, display shelves, door head advertising signs, air conditioning, TV and other electrical appliances shell, etc. However, due to the general fire prevention performance of domestic enterprises produced aluminum composite panel is not up to standard, fire acceptance is difficult to pass, installation inconvenience and other factors, so it is not recommended to use aluminum-plastic board in the ceiling parts, other decorative parts can be used according to the specific situation.

aluminium composite panel cladding specifications
The commonly used thickness of aluminium composite panel cladding is 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm and so on. Aluminum foil thickness of 40 (micron), 35, 30, 21, 18, 15, 12 and so on.

Commonly used specification plate size is 1220*2440mm, other sizes usually need the aluminum plastic plate business to help process or cut their own site installation, a large quantity of other sizes can also be customized manufacturers. The field adopts the installation method of connecting corner codes, or the board base is directly glued. The corner folding part needs professional tools for grooving.
globond aluminium composite panel
Globond aluminium composite panel its excellent property comes from the front coating&its outstanding durability. PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Carbon) Kynar 500 coatings is achieved through the continuing roller coating system which is based on the most prestigious Duranar technology & the multiple layers are individually stoved at 200~ 260°C.   GLOBOND plus PVDF coated with Polyvinylidene Fluroride Resin from PPG Industries U.S.A& Becker Group in Sweden. it features no chromatism.

However, also as experienced aluminum composite panel manufacturers, Crowbond not only supplying kinds of aluminium composite panel but also tell people what should be paying attention to using aluminum composite plate. The aluminum plastic composite panel is stored or mounted in a dry and ventilated place in a terrific manner to keep away from water accumulation and the ambient temperature is not higher than 70 °C. Avoid installation in uncommon environments such as smoke, wind, sand, radiation, hazardous gases and chemical environments. What's more, the aluminum plastic composite panel shall be laid flat throughout transportation or storage. The facet of the board four should be lifted at the equal time for the duration of transportation. Do now not drag it on one aspect to keep away from scratching the board surface.