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Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Panel

Buy cheap composite panels from acp panel manufacturer Xinghe with over 15 years of manufacturing aluminum plastic composite panel and wholesale aluminium composite panel for sale including polyester aluminium composite panel.The polyurethane and aluminium composite cladding is obtained by polymerization of ethylene.


Aluminium composite panels (ACP panel ), product of metal stuff (ACM panel), ar flat alucobond panel consisting of 2 skinny coil-coated metal sheets secure to a non-aluminium core. ACPs ar oft used for external protective cover or facades of buildings, insulation, and aggregation.

Polyethylene (PE) could be a thermoplastic obtained by polymerizing olefin between Al composite cladding boards. Industrially, copolymers of olefin Associate in Nursingd atiny low quantity of an α-olefin are enclosed. polythene is scentless, non-toxic, sounds like wax, has glorious vasoconstrictor resistance (minimum use temperature will reach -100~-70 °C), sensible chemical stability, and might resist most acid and alkali corrosion (not proof against oxidation) Nature of acid). it's insoluble in common solvents at temperature, has tide absorption and glorious electrical insulation.


Polyethylene aluminium composite panel (POLYETHYLENE, PE) could be a compound product of olefin. the merchandise has been developed for regarding sixty years, and therefore the world polythene production ranks initial among the highest 5 ordinarily used resins.

Polyethylene acp panel is assessed into high density polythene, density polythene and linear density polythene reckoning on the polymerisation technique, relative molecular mass and chain structure.

Low-density polythene acp sheet (LOW DENSITY polythene, LDPE) is often called aggressive polythene. because of its density and softest aluminum composite material, it's in the main employed in plastic luggage and agricultural films.

High-density polythene (HIGH DENSITY polythene, HDPE) is often called nonaggressive polythene. Compared with LDPE and LLDPE, it's warm temperature resistance, oil resistance, vapor permeableness and environmental stress crack resistance. additionally, electrical insulation and resistance glorious impact and cold resistance, in the main employed in blow molding, injection molding and different fields.

Linear density polythene aluminium composite cladding (LINEAR density polythene, LLDPE), is olefin and atiny low quantity of advanced