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Wooden Grain Aluminum Composite Panel And It’s Composition

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We can’t for sure center our study on Wooden Grain Aluminum Composite Panel without a brief knowledge of a composite material. A composite material is a fundamental material that is manufactured from two or more composed materials.


These composed materials differ in their chemical or physical properties and are combined in such a way to create another different material with unique properties contrary to the other elements.


Inside the complete constituents, the other elements remain apart and visible, differentiating the constituents.


Composition Of Wooden Grain Of Aluminum Composite Panel

The wooden grain aluminum composite panel is primarily composed of three layers in the construction industry. These are usually put together with a covering of high-pressure treated wood to resist rot and decay to form a panel expressing the real work surface without unregistered deformation.


The two-layer aluminum sheet is stacked to the center of the polymer. Thereafter coating by covering the panel which will then make the surface to be flat much more durable. This structure mimics the wood texture.

aluminum composite panel

The aluminum mentioned is not a rear phenomenon but very common and proudly present in the earth crust which makes up 8% of the Earth's core mass and even more.


This (Aluminum) element is present in silicate and it is gotten from bauxite (a mineral).


Application Of Wooden Grain Aluminum Composite Panel

This product is largely populous and used across Asia and the world beyond hence its vital importance and application;

· It is widely applied to exterior walls

· The product is also applicable to  interiors

· It is applied in the making of cabinets

· It is applied in ceilings

· Corrugated products

· Canopy

· Ventilated facades

· Outdoor fence

· Production of various signage

· Color coating material etc.



Color: The color is largely defined and mostly based on customer’s direct specification.


Sheet Thickness: The sheet thickness of the aluminum is 0.40mm by 0.40mm,

0.45mm by 0.45mm, 0.50mm by 0.50mm


Panel thickness: The actual panel thickness for this products is 3mm to 6mm


Panel width: The panel width ranges from 1250mm and 1500mm


Panel length: The panel length for this product is supplied based on client or customer’s orders.


Aluminum Alloy: The aluminum alloy ranges from AA1100, AA3003, and AA5005.


We make sure our products (wooden aluminum composite panel) undergoes the application of specialized operation of image transfer across material coat base. This products are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

 aluminum composite panel

The top layer provides a clear top coat which prevents and protects the natural wood appearance and enabling it to endure quality even when subjected to an outdoor applications and exposed to harsh environments and chemicals.


The wooden grain aluminum panels are judiciously produced with wooden finishes to create an advanced natural look of wood products that will endure unavoidable situations like rot and decay for decades with minimal maintenance.


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