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Tools Used In Processing Aluminum Composite Panels

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An attractively coloured building is most likely to get your attention when walking down a street. The colour of a house also tells you about the owner’s personality and style.


Re-painting an old house ultimately brings it back to life. Colour can spice up or tone down the appearance of a building.


Architects and decor designers know that the colour of a house ultimately adds finishing touch to a building.


Paints come in a variety of vivid colours for homeowners to choose from. However, paint doesn’t stand the test of time as they start to wear off, chip, crack and fade with time, leaving homeowners no choice than re-painting their homes. This alternative isn’t cost-friendly neither is it time-saving.


For this reason, aluminum composite panel have gained popularity amongst homeowners, architects and decor designers as an efficient material for various home design.


However, to enjoy this sleek and durable material in your home, there are key tool and materials that are usually used in trimming, cutting as well as drilling aluminum composite panels in order to achieve the highly admired end product.


So, in this article we shall be walking you through some of the common tools used in processing aluminum composite panels.


· Diamaster Pro Router

This is the ideal tool for sizing;  it is the long term tool for precise sizing as it gives you the desired cut. Its long shelf life and quick machining time is also an added advantage of using this tool


· Circular Sawblades In HW/DP

Where precise, perfect, quality finished cuts are required; this is the tool to use.

It also saves you the stress of edge finishing as the panels come out perfectly cut. It is also cost friendly as the tool is durable and long lasting.

 aluminum composite panel

· Vhw Spiral Finishing Router

This the most superior tools of all the aluminum composite panel tools. This is owing it’s applicability in all types of aluminum composite panels.

It is also well known for its efficient and quality cutting. Its small size diameter makes it the ideal tool for precise and perfect trimming.


· Dp – v Cutting With Shank

Due to its sharpenable nature, it is more unique than the other tools as you do not have to worry about dulling. Dp-v cutting with shank is re-sharpenable.  It is the perfect tool for mitred edges, with 90 ͦ or 135 ͦ. It also gives precision in cuts.


· Diamaster Whispercuts Prismatic Rebate Cutterhead

It is significantly noiseless in comparison to other tools, thereby reducing the possibility of noise pollution. It is also energy saving and produces precise cuts. It is also a durable tool that can stand the test of time.


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