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Our Company Built A Production Facility For The A2 Fire-Rated Aluminum Panel

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Product improvement, brand exposure and an overall business growth remains some of the most outstanding concern of every business owner and organization.


Why this is important is because, once these various aspects of a business receive the much needed attention for them to excel, brand identity and popularity will definitely be a breeze to achieve.


However, to achieve all of these, a lot of work and sacrifice has to be put into play for this to come true.


Well, since this is the bitter truth in which every serious and growth-oriented company must undergo, we have also adjusted ourselves to learn and survive in the marketplace through some steps of sacrifice through gainful investments that will boost our products and services.


Particularly, this decision of our company to be and remain one of the best companies in the world is evident in our hard work, commitment to quality and a high sense of customer relationship.


And in order to ensure that our company stay in line with trends in the industry, we recently invest a huge amount of human reoccurces, time and money into the development of a production facility for one of our latest addition into the list of our fleet of equipment.


Our effort and investment in the company recently was geared towards providing a conducive and a good environment for our latest A2 Fire-rated aluminum panel production equipment, which was sourced from one of our equipment manufacturing agent overseas.

 new advanced A2 FR Panels Production Line

The said equipment, is one of a kind and one of the latest model among its class of equipment used in the manufacture of fire-rated aluminum panels.


Being a newer and better version of the existing models, our latest A2 Fire-rated aluminum panel production equipment comes with standard components and features that makes it operation super convenient and less labourous.


Top on the list of the various parts and components that makes this production equipment very special and unique are some core components that comes with it such as;

1. Core aluminum laminating machine

2. Longitudinal trimming machine

3. Longitudinal cutting machine


A2 Composite Panel Production Line.pdf

A2 Composite Panel Production Line Layout.pdf

With this piece of equipment, as well as these high-tech components that comes with it, it is expected that our services will receive a new touch of excellence.


In the same vein, we also expect that our A2 fire-rated aluminum panel products will also step up in terms of the quality, so that our pledge to give our customers the best at all times will be confirmed and affirmed.


Finally, we are still committed to being the best in the industry, and we are still striving very hard to ensure that we give the market nothing less than the best in all of our products and services.

With over two decades of experience in the trade, you can be rest assured that we have all it takes to give you the best service and products, especially when a high-quality aluminum panel is the goal.


So, whenever you have a need for aluminum panel products that will stand the test of time, we the most reliable brand you can call on us for all your aluminum panel needs.


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