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How much do you know about aluminum composite panel

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Aluminum  Composite Panel (ACP) are also sometimes referred to as sandwich panels. This is because it consists of 3 layers; the core inner sheet bonded to two outer sheet materials).


Aluminum composite pane are leveled panels that are made up of dual aluminum sheets which are coil-coated and are surrounding a non-aluminum core.  This non-aluminum core is usually a thermoplastic material, majorly polyethylene with low density.


With ACP, there is creation of diverse shapes and structures thus improving the elegancy and adding beauty to buildings.

 A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panels are mostly implemented and used for external cladding thus serving as a protective covering for the outer parts of a building.

Manufacturing Process for Aluminum Composite Panels

1. The raw material is put into the production line which will be made to the middle core of aluminum composite panel by the process “polyethylene extrusion”.


2. High temperature plasticization

The air and the water of the plastic are extracted and all the plastic particles are made into the sheet shape.


3. Calendering

At this stage, the plastic core is smoothened and made shiny and the thickness of the aluminum composite panel middle core is adjusted.


4. Attaching adhesive film

Here, the front and back of the piece of film are bonded to the plastic core which is the middle core.


5. Composition of aluminium coils on the middle core

The front aluminum coil and the back aluminium coil are adhered on a plastic core. At this stage, the surface and the bottom aluminum enters the high temperature composite roller through the aluminum part and the high temperature is passed though the composite roller to heat the aluminum and make the composition of the front and back side aluminum composite panels.


6. Cooling

The quality of the board and the testing of the protective film needs to be ensured. However, the temperature of the board of the composite is still very high. Therefore, the high power air cooler cools the board in the cooling area.


7. Plastering with protective film  

At this stage, a protective film is plastered on the surface of the plate in order to ensure that the surface of the aluminum composite panel is not damaged during transportation and installation processes.


8. Trimming

The aluminum composite panel is then trimmed so as to make sure that the final width meets the customer requirement.


9.  Leveling

This stage involves leveling the length of the board (aluminum composite panel).


10. Cutting

This stage involves cutting according to the final length required by the customer.


11. Finally, all boards (aluminum composite panels) are stacked together neatly.

A2 Fire-Rated Aluminum Composite Panel

The A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panel is a non-combustible grade aluminum material that is made up of aluminum sheets with fire retardant core material which holds them together.  It is very light and has a continuous burning time of Zero.


The A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panel come with different specifications ranging from 1220mm through 1250mm, 1270mm, 1500mm, 1550mm and up to 1570mm.

It also comes with different thickness. Majorly, the aluminum component panel for exterior purposes also exist in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness and each of the thicknesses illustrates what the physical and mechanical properties of the A2 fire-rated ACP. This implies that the thicker the panel, the more its improved quality and strength.

A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panel

Features of The A2 Fire-Rated Aluminum Composite Panel

The A2 fire-related aluminum composite panel is composed of the flame retardant core material, the fluorocarbon coating and the outer aluminum sheets.

1. Flame Retardant Core Material

This part contains about 88-90% non-combustible mineral which is composed mainly of inorganic substances such as Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3) and Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) thus helping to shield against radiation and intense fire.

2. Fluorocarbon Coating

Mostly referred to as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), is a highly weather resistant resin coating. The PVDF is very useful in its resistance to ultraviolet radiations and protection of the aluminum coil and panel itself.


3. Outer Aluminium sheets

They are the outer layers surrounding the flame retardant core material. Their importance is most visible in their inflammability, light weight and being environmentally friendly.


Other features and characteristics include:

· Compact structure

· High thermal stability

· Freedom from asbestos and harmful radioactive element

· High Ductility

Benefits of The A2 Fire-Rated Aluminum Composite Panel

1. The A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panel ensures a comfortable and quiet living environment

2. Easy and effective installation without the use of keel and can be used for high buildings

3. Since they are non-combustible, they have very effective fire resistance performance.


With the our innovation of core technology, we have developed an A2 fire-rated aluminum composite panels that meets up with strict requirement of fire regulations and also improves and enhance the structural and architectural designs of buildings.

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