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How Many Impossible Shapes of Aluminum Composite Panels Do You Know

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Currently, aluminum composite panel can be transformed in many ways. Among them are punching, which allows the creation of pointy-type shapes on the surface of the panel, creating drawings or forms; roller bending, to achieve curved shapes; CNC stamping and engraving to create reliefs; 3D shaping to project volumes on a flat surface, etc.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

This transformation capacity of the aluminium composite panel gives it a plus of versatility in order to being used for constructing risky and creative designs. It also makes it an ideal material to combine and make the areas of the facade which would be impossible with other kind of materials. Beyond the usual picture of a ventilated flat facade, we see how the panel can be used for other more striking projects and risky designs that contribute to give a special character to the buildings. Let's see it in a little more detail:


Punching and die-cutting

The composite panel can be punched and die-cut with CNC. The result ranges from the creation of pointillist or artistic style patterns to complicated and detailed drawings on the facade



There are three types of edging:

Simple, which hides the edging

Double interior, hides the edge and part of the back

Double outside, hides the edge and extends a flange that hides the joints with other panel sheets.

Roller bending

The panel can be easily bent following the minimum necessary bending radii. To do it, it is best to use bending machines with 3/4 rolls. By bending the product, columns can be covered, concealing the corners with a rounded appearance, etc.

Stamping and engraving

With more limitations than the previous transformations, we find that in the panel, through modifications in its depth, it is possible to make engravings creating forms without having to get to cut-die the panel


3D Forming

The 3D forming process, besides of being used to manufacturing aluminium composite panel for hanging systems, can also be used to create projected three-dimensional surfaces



The milling of the panel gives results that differ from other types of processing such as punching and, of course, from the usual conception of the composite panel as a cassette-type tray. It can be made with CNC, with a wall saw or a portable one. The partial milling of the panel allows the subsequent folding of the pieces to give them creative shapes


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