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Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturing Process

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There are various methods use in the production of aluminum composite (ACP) in which A2 Fire-rated Aluminum composite panel with non-combustible properties is also part of the list. Based on the processes of the two-sided panels and plastic core panels, the classification of the aluminum panel can be classified into intermittent and continuous composite methods.


The process involved in the production of the A2 Fire-rated Aluminum composite panel, likewise the other types of aluminum-plastic panels are done in similar ways. Firstly, the aluminum coil needs to be cleaned before production.


Why is the cleaning of the aluminum coil is needed?

During the aluminum coil production, according to the process requirement, the external part is coated with anti-oxidants and lubricants which can allow dirt to stick to the surface during movement.

 A2 Fire-rated Aluminum composite panel

This can influence the adhesion, and therefore, should be cleaned. After the chemical treatment and cleaning have been done, the coil will possess a protective chemical film that is dense on the coil surface.


The chemical film can increase the level of resistance to oxidation for the aluminum coil, and thereby, prolonging the life span of the film.


Processes involved in cleaning the aluminum coil

The common processes that needed in cleaning the aluminum coil are:  


Aluminum coil, spray decreasing, water washing, neutralization, chemical treatment, water washing, drying, cooling, and winding. Afterward, the aluminum coil is already cleaned is transfer to a coater that will coat the aluminum coil surface with high operational fluorocarbon resin.


The process involved is described as follows:

1. Aluminum coil

2. Feeding

3. Coating fluorocarbon

4. Hot air circulation baking point

5. Cooling

6. Filming

7. Cutting

8. Winding.


However, the exterior aluminum-plastic panels are covered with two different layers which are primer and paint.

 A2 Fire-rated Aluminum composite panel

The top part can resist weather and it is made of fluorocarbon resin. The polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) that is a product of fluorocarbon is a very good UV resistance. And also, the pollution of the environment does not affect the beauty of the aluminum coil.


Does the surface of the ACP have a specific color?

The ACP can be of different colors of metal. Also, it can possess gorgeous colors with a marble pattern.


Apart from the color, the covering the aluminum coil with fluorocarbon and baking at high temperature to dry them. Also, the whole thickness of the ACP layers is about 30micrometer.


For each layer, there a need to bake it with a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius within 60 seconds to properly make it dry. Afterward, it is cooled. The inner wall paint is produced with acrylic, epoxy, and polyester resin.


When the topcoat, primer, and surface finish are done, immediate application of PE protecting film is done on the external part of the coating to prevent scratch on the surface during transportation, installation, or processing.


Are you interested in obtaining an aluminum composite panel?

The A2 Fire-rated Aluminum composite panel is one of our best products that can suit many of your required applications. In case you want to know more about the usage and its properties, kindly contact us today to open a transaction that will change your business.


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