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Aluminum Composite Panel 4×8

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Presently, the common usage of the aluminum-plastic composite panel as a decorating material in buildings. They can both be employed for curtain wall panels, exterior and interior walls including the ceiling of a building, old building renovation, display stands, and so on.


On this note, only a reputable aluminum composite panel supplier can give the best recommendation for customers to help in saving their hard-earned money.


Therefore, for a quality aluminum composite panel(ACP) that will last long, you need to contact a reliable aluminum composite panel supplier with a lot of experience.


Specifications of aluminum composite panel

ACP materials can be easily shaped and processed. It is a very good material for time and efficiency. It can reduce cost and the time of construction. This aluminum composite panel of 4×8 may be slotted, cut, band sawed, machined, cold-rolled, glued, screwed, cold-folded, and so on.


However, there can be two common factors that will affect the cost of aluminum composite panel, size, and thickness.

 Aluminum Composite Panel

The Size of Aluminum Composite Panel

The standard size of an aluminum composite panel is 4×8 feet, also, we can say 1220x2440mm. But we have other sizes that can be used as a reference. Here are other sizes for your reference:


· Standard size:1220mmx2440mmx3mm/4mm

· Length: 6000mm, 5000mm, 4000mm, 3000mm, 2440mm, 1220mm, 1000mm

· Width:1220,1250,1500mm,2000mm

· Overall thickness: 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm


The thickness of Aluminum Composite Panel

The common thickness of aluminum-plastic on market is 3mm, 4mm presently. The by thickness 3mm, 4mm; it means the whole aluminum-plastic composite panel.


However, factors such as the thickness of the lower and upper aluminum can affect the cost of the ACP. Though, the suitability of the ACP is based on the application of various thicknesses.


The ACP thickness classification based on uses:

· The aluminum composite panel minimum thickness of lower and upper plates for making curtain walls is not below 0.05mm. While the whole thickness is not below 4mm. Also, the aluminum must meet up with standards. Commonly, aluminum sheets of the 5000, 3000 series are used. Also, it should be coated with fluorocarbon resin.


·  The aluminum composite panel for advertising and decorating the exterior has lower and upper plates that are designed with rust-proof aluminum of thickness, not below 0.20mm. The whole thickness is not below 4mm. Also, it should be coated with polyester or fluorocarbon.


· The thickness of lower and upper aluminum plate ACP used outdoors should be 0.20mm and not below 0.10mm. the whole thickness is common for 3mm. And its coating should be acrylic or polyester.

 Aluminum Composite Panel

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The cost of buying aluminum composite panels vary and some specifications given in this article are not the same. The ACP for making curtain wall tends to be more expensive than the others.


You don’t need to stress yourself if you have no idea about the specifications and cost, the accurate cost and specification can be obtained from a reliable aluminum composite panel supplier. You can kindly contact us today for your high-quality aluminum composite panel.


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