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A Versatile, Recyclable and Quick Way to Install Aluminium Composite Panel

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Since the aluminium composite panel began its journey in the construction sector, its characteristics have been improving until it has become a highly modifiable product, which admits different forms of assembly, colors, transformations and uses.

As an example of its great versatility, we can find it in both minor works and interiors, combined with other materials to cover certain areas of a facade or as the main element in complicated transformations.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

High dimensional stability

As a material, the composite panel does not present deformations in its dimensioning, whic means that the material remains stable whatever its size without losing its properties.


A multitude of finishes

The wide range of finishes that the composite panel allows gives it a great aesthetic versatility. From solid to textured, mirror or wood type finishes, the composite panel can be adapted to almost any type of project.


Impact resistant

Recent studies confirm the durability of aluminium in building facades due to its long life and resistance to wear and corrosion.


Fully recyclable

The core material and cover sheets of aluminum composite panel can be recycled and reused. Due to its characteristics, aluminium can be recycled indefinitely.


Quick and easy assembly

The hanging systems for the assembly of aluminium composite panels are designed to facilitate their assembly on facades in a quick and easy way. In the same way, in case that a cassette is damaged, it is easily replaceable.


Light as a feather

The low density of aluminium makes it the ideal material for substructure systems on ventilated facades.


How to paint the composite panel

Depending on the finish that is sought, the panel can receive multiple types of treatments and coats. Among the most common finishing paints there are:

PVDF (Fluorinated polyvinyl)

It is the most popular finish for architectural applications. In a 70/30 proportion of resin it has a higher folding capacity, as well as a better resistance to ageing and protection against UV rays.

FEVE (Lumiflon)

FEVE is a type of coating with a very similar structure to PVDF, but with greater hardness and less flexibility. It allows to achieving a greater gloss range.

HDPE (High Durability Polyester)

HDPE paint, on the other hand, allows a high range of gloss and some special finishes such as textured surfaces.


Solid, metallic and special finishes

The aluminium composite panel allows a large number of different finishes. In addition, it can be adapted to any colour from the RAL colour chart. Over time, special finishes have been added with texture effects, imitating wood or concrete, or iridescent with special lighting effects.


Solid and metallic colors

The solid finishes are homogeneous and hardly suffer the variation of their tonality with the incidence of light. They provide a sensation of solidity to the facade and are easily combined with other finishes.

Metallic colors, very similar to those used in the automotive sector, vary their shade with respect to the incidence of sunlight and are very popular for large facades and outstanding projects.


Other special finishes

Textured effects, matte or high-gloss surfaces, iridescent and wood finishes are some of the special finishes. To them we are constantly adding the new technology advances.


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