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5 reasons to use aluminium composite panels

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Not only they are light weight and easy to install but they are very cost effective. Read below to find out more information about aluminium panels.

The building facade is the first thing people notice when they see a building, office or a home. Every building should have a soul and it should represent you and your brand. Some of the greatest buildings in Sydney and rest of the world have a great soul but what if architects had more options when they were building them? Let's be honest, concrete, wood and steel are not very easy materials to be creative with and they also have many shortages like fading of the paint or their weight. 


Today, thanks to modern architecture and modern materials it is easier to be more creative when designing the building. One material specifically relieves the proces and that material is aluminium. Aluminium composite panels are a great way to add elegant and modern touch to your building by creating shapes that weren't so easy to make 50 years ago. Not only that they are modern, elegant and easy to work with but they have a wide range offer of benefits for which you should consider using them. Let's go together through the top 5 reasons.

1. Aluminium panels are a great durable material for creative solutions

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to aluminium composite materials it is easier to create shapes that aren't so easy to create with other facade materials. Aluminium panels will help you create a look that's highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.Every construction material has to be durable and in combination with zinc, magnesium and copper aluminium becomes very durable. Aluminium panels can be cut, folded, drilled, bent, perforated without losing structural integrity.Thanks to its flexibility aluminium panels can be used where other materials can't. Aluminium composite panels are extremely durable and can last up to 30 years.

2. Aluminium cladding systems have a very low cost of maintenance

In comparison to maintenance of wood, steel or solid walls made of concrete, cost and effort of maintaining aluminium cladding systems is close to nonexistent. If your building is located in the rural area your aluminium panels should be cleaned 0.5 times per year, in the urban area they should be cleaned 0.5 to once per year, in low rainfall and/or coastal area once per year and in heavily industrialized area 1-2 times per year. Besides that aluminium composite panels don't have to be cleaned very other their cleaning process is fairly easy. To remove the soil you should use water rinse with moderate pressure. If that doesn't remove the soil some other solutions can be used for cleaning. Before you decide to undertake a cleaning process yourself, we advise you to contact and consult with your distributor or contractor.


3. Very cost effective solution

Aluminium composite panels are very cost effective solution for building facades. Since panels are very light there is no need for a lot of fixation points which lowers the labour and material cost. Besides easy installation and fixation a maintenance cost is very low.


4. Aluminium panels come in wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes

We offer panels in various shapes and sizes. Aluminium panels are suitable for cutting, shearing, bending, punching, drilling and profiling. Although they come in many shapes and sizes they can be cut to satisfy users needs. All panels come in many different standard colors but a colour matching is possible to match the colour of your project image or company building.

5. Panels are highly functional

There is a large variety of aluminium cladding systems and panels . Many of them provide functional characteristics such as thermal, sound and wind insulation, earthquake safety and fire resistance. Some of those functional characteristics lower the energy cost. Other functionalities are that they are anti-graffiti and easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and being able to recycle. Since every panel is unique and specific we urge you to contact us for specifications of each aluminium composite panel.


These were our top 5 reasons why you should consider using aluminium composite panels. Was this helpful? Have you maybe decided to install composites on your facade? Do you need some consulting about this topic, project management, design, installation or fabrication? As industry leaders with over 10 years of experience we guarantee 100% quality installation of all our cladding systems.

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