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Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Alucobond suppliers - Xinghe wholesale mirror aluminum composite board fabrication Include mirrored surface composite exterior aluminum panels,mirror finish aluminium sheet,mirror wall cladding aluminium composite panel thickness option is1,3mm or 4mm Non toxic polyethylene. Anodized Aluminum Composite Panel, also acknowledged as mirror finished aluminum cladding panel or reflect ACP for short. Anodized panel, using aluminum sheet fabric made in Germany, has greatest flatness and reflectance like a mirror, but more long lasting due to the inherited attribute of aluminum material.

Mirror ACP panel appears more lovely and widely used in interior decoration, kitchen, specifically in ceiling and family equipment and furniture, as it makes the room seem larger.

Dimension of Anodized mirror finish aluminium sheet: 1)
Standard dimension:
3mm x 1220mm x 2440mm(3mm x 4ft x 8ft) 2) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm 3) Available width: 1220mm 4) Available length: Maximum is up to 5800mm; 2440mm, 2500mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are most popular 5) Thickness of aluminum skin: 0.3mm, 0.4mm 6) Hot colors: silver replicate and golden reflect

Mirror aluminum composite panels by aluminum cladding panel suppliers are just a general term. They are divided into 800 standard mirrors, 850 high mirrors and 890 super mirrors according to the high, medium and low mirror surface. According to the surface post-processing method, it can be divided into 800 series oxidized mirror aluminum composite panel and R series unoxidized mirror aluminum composite board.

The mirror aluminum cladding panel structure of crownbond acp panel suppliers consists basically of 3 layers, and a layer of aggressive mirror end (PE or PVDF) to make a flat aluminum composite panel that embodies each the art and therefore the ancient romantic look. the 2 layers of aluminium are for good secured along and therefore the inner polythene core, once lined on the paint, makes the surface praise and extremely resistant. The necessary purpose is that solely the front of the aluminum cladding panel is coated with alphabetic character or PVDF (polyester) paint, which provides a mirror-like look, that is kind of elegant.

Aluminum Composite Board Features and Applications:
Mirror are in high demand within the past few years; this is often as a result of mirror-coated panels provide a range of choices with consistent characteristics. the foremost common applications for mirror aluminum composite sheet are going to be the employment of wall panels and ceilings, likewise as in kitchens and balconies, store facades, interior, and exterior wall coverings.

Crownbond aluminum composite material manufacturers which manufactured mirrored aluminum composite panel are illustrious for his or her glorious fireplace resistance, sound insulation, strength and sturdiness, surface smoothness and smoothness. additionally, to those options, the foremost vital factor is that the mirror acp panel covers weather resistance, because the results show that the mirror panel will stand up to the worst weather in decades.

Crownbond mirror alucobond suppliers and aluminum composite sheet suppliers is a good choice for you when you want to find competitive and top quality mirror aluminium composite panel.