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Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel

Acm Panel Suppliers - Xinghe support best aluminum composite panel price Wholesale fireproof cladding panels The fire rating reach high grade Fire resistant aluminium composite panels are pvdf coating,fire resistant,flame retardant,no harmful gas at high temperatures.


CROWNBOND FR is an progressive fire resistant aluminium composite panel (FR ACP/ACM) answer which composed of two rigid top-grade aluminum sheets and a licensed fireplace resistant mineral filled core to stop the proliferation of flames and restrict the improvement of smoke harmful to evacuation activities. Its fire rated overall performance meets the USA(ASTM), Europe(EN), Germany(DIN) and UK(BS) standard.


Fire-proof aluminum composite panel is processed underneath continues excessive temperature and pressure, and finished with Kynar 500 PVDF or FEVE resin paint. Inherit the benefit of aluminum composite panels characteristics, fireproof aluminum composite panel therefore is a answer perfect for exterior aluminum cladding projects which require challenging furnace resistance, excellence mechanical properties, and based floor enhancement.