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CROWNBOND™ is an Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) composed of aluminum skins and plastic core. After 3 decades in the market place, CROWNBOND™ had become known as one of the move suitable materials for external claddings of buildings, because of its lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long lasting coating qualities.

Some regions of the world restrict the use of ACM because of its inflammable plastic core. To answer this problem, we devoted all of our energy to improving the core, establishing a production technology called CROWNBOND™/fr, a fire-retardant ACM. CROWNBOND™/fr meets the fire-safety requirements for external claddings in most countries. Today, CROWNBOND™/fr is the external cladding material of choice, ensuring fire safety without losing the original features of CROWNBOND™.

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